Our Taggiasca Olives


The territory is with typical Ligurian terraces, supported by ancient stone walls. Every year some of these have to be rebuilt because of the rains or even just for their age.

Our area suffers of several months of dought, and when it rains the soil is not able to hold water, because it is stony originally. For this reason in our lands we have a capillary irrigation sistem and every plant has a drip, that allows them not to suffer thirst. So the fruit improves: it is not dry but full of juice, that becomes an excellent olive oil and it gives a perfect size for olives in brine.

Pruning and fertilizing

All 5.000 olive trees are pruned every year to keep the typical umbrella shape, that allows the sun to enter inside.

A careful fertilization on the ground and to olive leaves gives to plants the necessary nutriment in every vegetative stage.

Pruning and adequate fertilization guarantee an abundant harvest without weaking plants and in the greatest respect for the environment.

Cleaning lands

The cleaning of lands is done mechanically by specialized equipments and recently some small horses help us, so they live their freedom and they can eat all they want.

We do not use herbicides.

Harvest time

The harvest is the most exacting period of the year.

Few months before we start stretching out nets under olive trees, harvest time starts in November and it lasts 3-4 months depending on years.

Olives are knocked out by modern equipments of the farm, put in boxes and carried in the storehouse, ready to be processed in the same day.


Processing Olives


Olives destinated to oil production go to the oil-press (it is traditional with millstone and press) and finally the precious extra virgin oil of first cold crushing.

For the production of olives in brine, we use only calibrated olives of remarkable quality, washed and placed in barrels with water and salt, where the natural process of debittering starts, it lasts 8-10 months.

Bottling and potting of the finished product are done in the farm.

All productive process is executed with the strict attention to the hygiene rules for food security respecting in meticulous way the HACCP manual.





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